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You can reactive the software license once every 6 months, six time's.(If Necessary).
This activation process ensure to you that you can't lose your license, or to need to pay for a new one, in case you lost your license or Windows, or having a damaged hardware like the motherboard.
Note: your license is valid for the life, and it doesn't have limitation time
Each Software for Windows licence is a single user, non-transferable licence, for multi license and discount please contact us .
Breeze Booth for Windows + DSLR
Version 3.19
Price : $15

1-Download Breeze Booth for Windows + DSLR Setup.
2-install It.
3-Run DSLR Remote Pro From Desktop Icon.
4-Your Pc Finger Print will Show up.
5-Copy Your Pc Finger print (0000-0000)
6-Paste It in The box Below
Please Enter Your Pc Finger Print :
Note : You Have To Use Our Copy Of The Software Setup, Don't Use Breeze Orginal Setup
Please Enter Vaild Email Address
Please Enter Name/Nickname For Your License
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Software :
Breeze Booth for Windows + DSLR
Version : 3.19
Price : $15