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also known as DSLR Remote Pro

Breeze Booth for Windows is a highly configurable, yet simple to use photo booth application. Easy to configure for
small operators and scalable for organisations running hundreds of photo booths across multiple cities and
Brandable & Configurable

Brandable & Configurable

Design totally custom interfaces and user experiences. Brand every aspect of the user facing elements of the software.

Turn any Windows PC in to a powerful photo booth.

Creative Flexibility

Create branded prints, GIFs, slow motion clips, videos and more. Apply image filters, custom special effects and AI background removal.

Advanced Features

Integrate with 3rd party software and hardware, to create advanced, custom solution that's not possible with any other software.
For Creative Thinkers.

Create visually stunning digital images, videos, GIFs and prints. Breeze Booth for Windows makes it simple to create just about anything you can imagine!
Breeze Booth for Windows + DSLR

Make it yours
Breeze Booth for Windows offers unparalleled creative control and flexibility over what users see and experience when they use your photo booth. From the simple to the extraordinary complex. No other software comes close to matching Breeze Booth for Windows level of customisation.
DSLR Remote
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